The Informant – When things go really messed up

This is a movie by the extremely successful Steven Soderbergh, famous for his work on movies such as Ocean’s, the unforgettable Erin Brockovich, for his Oscar and more than 20 other awards. He definitely is a man who can bring success to one work of this modern art. So, did it work for The Informant?

The movie is notable for several reasons – the really worn effect, the colored filter, the strange unusual look of the main actor – Matt Damon and especially the fact that this quite absurd story was based on reality. We are told the story of Mark Whitacre (Damon) who in the early ‘90s initialized an incredibly huge scandal. It was caused by him being an undercover man in a huge FBI anti-price fixing operation. We are shown the entire process from the first contacts of Whitacre with the Bureau, through the very awkward times he wears a wire and plays in front of the hidden FBI cameras, until the very end where he needs to be at the Court and do his job as the key witness he worked to be for such a long time.

The result, of course, is the conviction of several Archer-Daniels-Midland executives and also the discovering of a picture a lot bigger than expected, a picture of fraud, obscured business and other inappropriate activities. There is also the issue with the man’s problem at telling reality from an act as he enters too much into the part of the undercover agent.

As a whole, I must admit that this movie didn’t make me want to even finish it. I also must note that even the admirers of the genre would agree that this is a movie worth watching once and never to repeat. Which, in my opinion, says it all. I mean, just looking at the story we all know what is going to happen, not that all of us are as well informed on the real facts, as we have seen this just too many times. There really is nothing too big, too new or too fascinating about the movie. Even though we have such an honored actor as Damon we still don’t see what the fuzz is about. Yes, all the professional critics give positive reviews, but what happens when a non-biased and/or unprofessional viewer sees the flick? At least for half of the people who saw it things just didn’t work. It may sound a bit too sad but this is exactly how it felt for me too.